September 26, 2022
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The Best Cannabis Stocks To Buy Now

The Best Cannabis Stocks To Buy Now

There are countless individuals throughout the years that have benefited from the stock market for various reasons. There are those that have used fundamental analysis to determine which companies are undervalued, and invested in those particular companies early, and there are others who have used technical analysis to determine the right time to enter a stock and take profits. There are many investors that have been able to “figure out” the stock market, and profit, but of course, trading and investing does come with a certain amount of risk, and many have lost money, as well.

While BuyStocksEasy.Com certainly cannot guarantee that you make the right investment, we can make sure that investing and trading is as easy for you as possible. We aim to give the investor as much information as possible in a clear and concise manner, so that they can make the most informed decision possible. We not only will be bringing you stock news as quickly as possible so you can react to the market in time, but our professionals and search engine wlll also make your decision as easy as possible.

Thanks to the fact that marijuana is being legalized, there is big money being invested in cannabis startups and companies of all kinds, eager to take advantage of the immense demand that exists in this country for both recreational and medicinal marijuana. For those that are unaware, marijuana revenue reached a billion in record time in Colorado, arguably the most progressive state in the country when it comes to cannabis legislation. You might know that marijuana is a big finance trend and that big money is being poured into the space, but how do you know where to put YOUR money?

Cannabis Stocks Market

Why You Should Buy Cannabis Stocks Now

While you might believe that it is too early to invest in cannabis stocks – the truth is that it pays off to be early. There are countless investors that can tell you how thankful they are for investing in a “hot” company before the rest of investors did. If you want to buy cannabis stocks now, BuyStocksEasy is the resource that will help you get the information you need ASAP.

Why should you buy cannabis stocks now? Well, there is big money to be made. Consider that Cronos Group (Ticker: CRON) has ALREADY DOUBLED in 2019. There are many individuals that are stunned when a stock makes 50% in a year, and yet CRON has already managed to double in 2019, and we are still in the first half! For institutional investors, or those that are willing to invest a certain amount of money, this kind of profit can truly be life-changing.

For those who are wondering how this happened, it’s because cigarette giant Altria Group decided to make a sizable investment into the startup. Of course, the stock surged as a result, as investors obviously believe that Altria Group can take the company to a new level in terms of production, revenue, marketing, and overall market capitalization.

Of course, this brings us to the obvious question: what are the best cannabis stocks to buy at this current moment?

The Best Cannabis Stocks To Buy Now in 2019


There are many investors that believe the future of the marijuana sector is not only in selling marijuana, but the kind of money that CBD products will be bringing in. For those who might not be aware, cannabidiol is controversial in that many are not positive of all its medical benefits, but there are those that can believe it can help with epilepsy. While there are concerns when it comes to THC, which is psychoactive – those issues don’t exist with CBD, which doesn’t give the user a “high” as much as a sort of “calm”.

There is a company that is clearly one of the best cannabis stocks to buy now by the name of Curaleaf (CURLF). For those that wonder why, it’s because the company just announced a partnership with retail giant CVS. CVS will actually carry its CBD products. For those who want to know how huge this is, consider that there are over 9800 CVS stores, which means that millions can potentially be exposed to Curaleaf’s products.

It’s clear to see that CURLF might just be getting started in terms of share price. Of course, this all depends on their ability to brand, market, and compete. The stock is up 50% in the last three months, but it might be up much more than that by the year is over. Time will tell.


If you are looking for some of the best cannabis stocks to buy now, consider a company that is actually exploring vertical integration. For those who might not be aware, vertical integration involves a company that owns its own supply chain, which means that it is able to profit tremendously in a way that other companies cannot. For cannabis companies, this means that they can harvest their own marijuana while still profiting on the retail side of the cannabis world – which means big bucks.

Aleafia Health (ALEAF) is focused on a strong balance sheet, which is something that many other marijuana startups aren’t concerned about, simply eager to ride the wave of the “marijuana investment” trend and hope that they gain market share. ALEAF is playing the long game, which means that it might end up being a strategic long buy: that’s why it just might be one of the best cannabis stocks to buy right now.

Take The First Step And Invest In Cannabis Stock Market

There are plenty of startups to look for in the space, and it all depends on the research that you do. Before you invest in cannabis stock market, you should look intently at what you believe to be the next trend. Are you interested in purchasing stock in the next big CBD player, or do you believe that recreational marijuana is really where the profit margins are the biggest? Are you researching about what kind of connections the company might have, and whether they might grab the interest of larger corporations?

BuyStocksEasy not only makes buying stocks easy, so that you can invest in cannabis stock market, but also helps to choose the best broker that meets your needs. One of the reasons we are able to do this is because we help investors make the right decisions with The Best Trading Brokers.

Cannabis Stock Market Future

Cannabis Stock Market Future

BuyStocksEasy wants to make sure that you stay focused on the opportunity of the cannabis stock market future, because many believe that it will be an opportunity for great profit. Who doesn’t want to achieve financial security through the right investments, at the right time? BuyStocksEasy can ensure that you have the information and capability to have all the right information to make the smartest cannabis investment decisions possible.

There will be more states moving to legalize cannabis, which means that more markets will be popping up, which means that there will be much more revenue to be made. It’s hard to deny the demand for cannabis, which will help drive the cannabis stock market future. Of course, there are all sorts of ways to creatively market cannabis – whether it’s through cannabis edibles, the potential for cannabis to be implemented in the pharmaceutical industry, or the idea of cannabis being incorporated into beauty/wellness, as well. While no one can predict what will happen, the cannabis stock market future is extremely bright.

The Best Cannabis Stocks To Buy Now
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